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10 Ways to Beat the Boredom Blues in Riyadh This Season

Zahra Anwer

Zahra Anwer

Associate Editor at Destination KSA

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Some cities suit a season. For me, Riyadh comes into its own in winter. Sure, it gets cold (Hush! I know it’s not colder than Canada but still).

From inspiring displays of art to horse race in the Equestrian club, this is the definitive list of things to do in Riyadh this winter.

1. Wake up for the sunrise


Photo Credits: Shifaath Thoufeeq

When it comes to beautiful and vivid sunrises, perhaps the best time of the year to witness it is during winters in Riyadh.

Or, if you like, opt to catch a sunset instead.

2. Peruse the art galleries and exhibitions


With the Art season in the air, the art enthusiastics can look around the art galleries in Riyadh, chat with friends, and visit the cafés inside the galleries.

You will usually find a lot of them within a few blocks of each other The ABCs of the Art Scene

Coming up in Riyadh: Artology

3. Keep warm by having hot delights


Speaking of cafés, if you do start to get a little chilly, Riyadh is now quite well-equipped with cafés. You can also warm up with some hot desserts. Not to forget, it’s the most important meal of the day *le consoles the heart’s guilt*

Here’s a round up of chocolatey goodies for you:  Winter Wonder Treats

4. Wrap up and walk or go for a run


There are a lot of places with amazing unique landscaping, lush gardens, open spaces to freely walk, bike or run. You can also walk around the well-lit walking tracks with children’s outdoor play areas and clean picnic areas in Riyadh.

5. Enjoy a cosy evening

Gather with friends or family and treat yourselves with some delicious food in the newly opened restaurants in Riyadh.

6. Janadariyah Festival


It’s the Janadriyah season once again! Janadriyah Festival is a national heritage and folk cultural festival located 45 km outside Riyadh. This is one of Riyadh’s major fests and a one of a kind experience.

Check the schedule for the Janadriyah Fest here

7. Food truck festivals


For the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of the food truck from delicious shawarmas to sushi wagons and to an all-out gourmet battle driven by the food-truck followers you see today. The variety of food trucks is never-ending as well – from ethnic to fusion cuisine, cupcakes and ice cream and everything in-between.

Visit the upcoming food truck festival: Janadriya Trucks

8. Fairs and exciting events


Find fairs and festivals, horse races, live shows and entertainment around Riyadh. You can find something exciting going on by browsing our events calendar and save your favorites; and then try to visit them.

Here’s what’s coming up:

9. Join a gym


Thankfully, it’s not impossible to get the motivation to exercise in the winter and even if you can’t go outside you have other options.

If you are my kind of a person, It’s a good idea to hit the gyms and push yourselves to flex some muscles and burn ’em.

10. Escaping the Escape Room Games


The live escape room game have grown in popularity in Riyadh and now we have a couple to choose from. Escape rooms do not only grant you fun, but also give you the limitation that makes you enjoy every moment of the experience. You will be most likely granted one hour to solve the puzzle and escape the room. You can get a number of friends to help you solve it which makes solving the mystery more fun.

Check out:  Do You Have What it Takes to be Riyadh’s New Sherlock?

Interactive Entertainment in the City

Watch this space for our upcoming round up of the Escape rooms in Riyadh in the March issue.

And now if you’re still bored, let me tell you my friend, it’s your own fault!

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