7 Saudi Loyalty Panda Membership Card You Need In Your Wallet

While loyalty Panda membership cards and membership programs/cards have been extremely successful in the West, countries in the Middle East are catching up to the trend fast. Saudi Arabia too has seen a slew of memberships being offered by companies.

In Saudi Arabia the most successful amongst these loyalty Panda membership cards or membership programs have largely been limited to the airline industry with popular frequent flier programs. With more and more businesses realizing the importance of loyal customers, they are churning out new incentives to hold onto their loyal base.

Loyalty and membership cards may seem like a way to keep you addicted but if used wisely, they can actually help you save money in the long run. Just an FYI before we begin, the benefits listed for each are just the prominent value-added services one can expect from these loyalty cards/programs. We have filtered out most of the loyalty cards out there and kept only the most useful ones on this list.


Panda membership cardPanda membership card has been advertising their Tawfeer cards left, right and center. They are definitely one of the most valuable loyalty programs, as the card allows you to buy many products at discounted prices. In Panda, some items will carry two price tags one for regular customers and one for tawfeer card holders.On top of that, Panda is almost everywhere across the Kingdom, so you can be assured that you are definitely saving on your weekly grocery shopping.

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Shukran | Panda membership card

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The Shukran loyalty program is one of the largest of its kind in the Gulf. The card covers so many stores and brands that you’d definitely want to have in your wallet or on your phone through the Shukran app. Part of the Landmark group that comprises of Centrepoint, Max and Home Centre amongst others; accumulating points in the Shukran card allows you to redeem them for cash discounts off your purchases.

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bkedzjkcyaa0lxrNahdi pharmacy is second to none when it comes to overall reach of pharmacies across Saudi Arabia. So holding its membership card likewise makes sense, especially as points on the Nahdeek card allows for cash discounts. What’s more is that the Nuhdeek program is not limited to Nahdi pharmacy, it also covers Daan, Saudi, and Sudais pharmacies as well.

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NaSmiles | Panda membership card

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The loyalty program of Fly Nas is pretty simple – earn a Smile point for every riyal spent. Every 100 Smile points can be redeemed for 4 riyals. With Fly Nas being the only alternative to Saudia airlines, holding its loyalty card can sure come handy.

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Perhaps the most popular of all loyalty cards/programs, Alfursan leads the lot by a margin. With the Alfursan card, you’ll be earning miles for each time you travel with Saudia. These miles can then be redeemed for free flights and/or upgrades. Oh yes, and the card will also entitle you for extra baggage allowance as well.

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Budget Loyalty Card | Panda membership card

392770_461133410633060_1068538598_nHaving one of the largest numbers of car rental outlets in the Gulf, the loyalty card allows you for discount within Saudi Arabia and abroad. Points are earned for each time a car is rented from Budget. For every SAR 100 spent one reward point is earned and the points accumulated are valid for life. Plus, the card allows you for discounts when you rent a car through Budget.

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cdmnprkw0aav_fdThe rewards program of Magrabi Opticals allows you to gain points on purchases and redeem them later once you accumulate 1000 points. For the basic Blue Prism card, 100 points are awarded for 100 SAR of purchases. 1000 points entitle you to a 50 SAR discount. The Prism card can be used across the Middle East.

To enroll visit your nearest Magrabi Opticals outlet.

One more thing, regardless of which mobile network you use, all major network providers have loyalty programs, which you can enroll in and expect tons of rewards. Some more rewarding than others. So be sure to enroll in them.


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