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6 Snack Tips to Keep You Cool this Summer

Riyadh’s heat can get a little too much to handle. Unless you’ve adapted, you’re going to need a little help to beat this melting weather. So, here’s a few snack ideas to stay cool.

1. Frozen grapes are great and super easy to make.

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Just put some grapes in a sandwich bag and freeze them to your desire. You could even dip them in some melted chocolate once they’re frozen for an extra sweet taste.

2. Smoothies are essential.


Not only are they the ultimate cooling drink, but they can be super filling and healthy, too. Get yourself a good blender, fill it with fruits, some ice cubes and a some liquid of your choice. Blend them smooth and enjoy.

3. As we all know, veggies are good for you.

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Cold veggies smothered with peanut butter are even better. Get some celery or cucumbers and smother a nice, big spoonful of peanut butter all over them.

4. Share the love with some homemade popsicles.


Use any juice you like, fresh or store- bought, and pour them into popsicle molds or paper cups to freeze. Then all you need to do is enjoy the cold deliciousness.

5. Watermelon and feta cheese skewers.

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We know this sounds weird, but it is an incredibly delicious combo. Cube the watermelon and feta cheese to stack them onto some wooden skewers. You can even add some mint leaves for a little something extra. This works with any fruit you’d like, really.

6. Frozen chocolate covered bananas.

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This one is a must try! Cut a banana into bite sized pieces and freeze them. Once they’re frozen, dip them into some melted chocolate. You can even sprinkle some coconut shavings or crushed almonds onto them for something special.

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