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6 Reasons Crowne Plaza Breakfast is Worth Waking Up Early For

On Saturday, we woke up early and headed to Al Zahra Restaurant at Crowne Plaza for its breakfast buffet. The buffet is from 9-11 a.m. every Friday and Saturday for SR 155. We recount the reasons we loved going there even though we had to rise and shine real early on our weekend.

There were several food divisions in the restaurant, i.e. a cold food section for typical breakfasts like cheese, olives and such, another part for heated food, then a live section for egg-making and another for waffles and pancake..yummies.

Reason 1

Live making section for waffles and pancakes. Not only were they prepared right in front of you so you can have them hot, but there was a range of toppings for you to choose from; fruit, maple syrup, nutella and more.


Reason 2

There was another part specifically for desserts and sweets and guess what was there… a honeycomb! You can just scoop up the honey straight from the source. Honey straight from the source; wee, we are being healthy.CP-HoneyComb

Reason 3

The foul! We loved it! It was already well prepared and then you could add anything you want to it, from tomatoes and peppers to cumin and tahini of course.CP-Foul

Reason 4

Best cheese filled mana’eesh! Bite into them and feel the cheese’s masticated texture and soft pastry dance around your palette.


Reason 5

This fruit platter!

CP-Fruit Platter

Reason 6

This is not related to food, but is definitely a plus at the restaurant. There is a kids’ play area that has connected screens; so families can enjoy breakfast at the buffet and still keep an eye on their kids as they play.CP-Kids Area

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Al Hamraa Corniche Dist.


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