5 Facts You Need to Know About 5 Guys

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Ahmed Nasir

Here’s what we think about this build-to-order burger chain in Riyadh.

Good burger with a good range of toppings
Tastes amazing since you make your own selection of toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, onions. Basically, Five Guys is the Subway of burgers. The custom selection of toppings grants you the privilege to make your burger your way.
Feels homemade
Juicy burger wrapped in plain aluminum foil and put inside a paper bag gives you that homemade school lunch feel.
Great customer service
Warm welcome as you step in through the door that was opened by a doorman. Also, the cashier and kitchen workers that deliver you your food have a brilliant sense of hospitality.
Overpriced (everything)
Even though, the food was good, it was not reasonably priced.
Only 2 branches
They are fairly new the market and we think that having opened two branches is a good move on their side.
Five Guys KSA

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