Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

15 points to keep in mind while blogging Saudi Arabia

15 points to keep in mind while blogging Saudi Arabia

Blogging is one of the most fun parts of the Internet. Whether it’s on WordPress or Instagram, blogging comes in all shapes and forms!

Here are some of the most important tips for bloggers!

What should you blog about?
I started blogging when I was 14. At first I shared quotes I liked and eventually that turned into writing about cosmetics. But it wasn’t until I turned twenty two that I launched a blog that truly represented what I’m passionate about. That’s the most important step.

Your purpose.
So, your purpose matters the most. If you blog about random things with no real intent you’ll probably lose interest and people who follow you will stop checking your updates. So find what you love!

Blogging on a regular basis is the key to blogging success. Blog on a regular basis and develop your content gradually.

Doing things in moderation is the best, along with consistency. Don’t write a post every day of the week, you’ll eventually get bored unless you’re a photo blogger. Even photobloggers should keep their postings to not more than 3 daily.

Add blogging to your weekly schedule. Set reminders on your phone. If you miss one or two posts because of laziness or lack of motivation you’ll miss a lot of the future ones.

Natural Light.
Any photographer will tell you that natural light is the best! Especially if you’re a blogger on Instagram. When I first started blogging on Instagram I’d take photos whenever it suited me. But now I only photograph in the morning because it’s the best light possible!

Link to Social Media
Always link your blog to your Twitter, Facebook and other websites that you use. You can even start your own blog Facebook or Twitter page if you’re into branding and having a proper blog image.

Create Unique Content
Find what makes your story unique and work on it. If you live in Saudi Arabia and are great at photography then you have the chance to show the rest of the world the beauty of where you live! Use your circumstances to your advantage.

Connect with others.
Half the fun of blogging is getting to know other people with similar interests. Follow other blogs and interact!

Use the right hashtags.
Hashtags are the Internet’s minions in a lot of ways. Using the right hashtag will lead you to other people with similar interests. Make sure to spend some time exploring these hashtags so you can find other bloggers and hopefully expand your blog.

Be Decent.
Being a good online citizen is extremely important! As a blogger in Saudi Arabia (or anywhere in the world) you need to make sure what you showcase is worth other people’s time.

Avoid Ranting.
Everybody has issues but it’s important to not focus on these issues all the time, especially as a blogger. You’re likely to get followers from all over the world, so build a positive and honest image of where you live.

Maintain modesty.
The rules of the community apply online as well. Don’t stalk or annoy people of the opposite sex online. Be your best self and avoid embarrassments.

Use your best language.
Whenever you post an article or write a review of a product or book, it’s important to make sure your grammar and language is readable! Otherwise people will get put off by your content. If you’re a serious photo blogger but are not that great at English or Arabia have your friend or family help you!

Want more tips?! Why not share your best tips with us in the comments below?!


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