12 Dishes you Have to try in Riyadh

Its such a magical thing when you order something at a restaurant and it turns out to be savory. One of our favorite things in Riyadh is when we discover this one amazing dish in a restaurant and keep coming back for it, and guess what! We have the ultimate list for when you want to have your tastebuds tingling, take your pick below

1) Soft pretzel from Buffalo Wild Wing

Fluffy bite size dough topped with dough comes with a side of honey mustard and cheese. Mouthwatering. Trust me, you will want to try this one. You’re gonna come back to Buffalo’s solely for this order.

2) Brownie pudding from Burger Boutique

The fudgiest brownie you’ll ever have, topped with melted chocolate paired with nuts and vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the warm hug that you need on a sad winter night.

3) Parmesan fries from The Counter

You won’t believe how amazing the pair of french fries and parmesan is! Make sure you order more than one, because you’ll be chowing it down like wolves LoansCashNetUSA.

4) New York cheesecake and Tiramisu from Apetit Kitchen

Creamy cheesecake with your favorite cookie as a flavor? Tiramisu that is as light as a cloud? You better get earplugs, because this well get people to make those uncomfortable sounds when they’re really enjoying themselves.

5) Fried shrimp from Steak House


6) Aged Wagyu steak from The Butcher Shop & Grill

If you’ve never tasted aged meat before, then I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience the tenderness that meat can have. The only place that sells aged meat in the city, and you HAVE to try it.

7) Pecan pie from Lilou

A new addition to their wonderful selection of sweets, but this one got us on the floor with a pecan pie baby in our tummies.

8) Eggs benedict from Bateel

This one is a DR staff favorite, the perfect morning treat to get you whistling through the day.

9) Pomegranate kebba and cherry kebab from Lusin

What goes amazingly with beef? Fruits. Specially red ones! People actually fly in for these two dishes at Lusin.

10) Thabiha stuffed with warag 3inab from Taiba restaurant

Two things that have to be on an Eid table in one. You cannot go wrong with this one, find the location here and don’t forget to order a day ahead


11) Banana cream pie from Magnolia Bakery

THE best banana cream pie in town, make sure you go there early before they’re soldout!

12) Cheesy garlic bread from Pizzaiolo

Even our garlic-fearing editor loved this! Caution with this one, though. You’ll get intense cravings that might lead to getting out of your way to get your hands on it.

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