10 Useful Google Products You Can Start Using Today

There are tons of Google products out there. Some of them like Google Maps, Google Glass, and other upcoming projects like internet-beaming balloons and smart contact lenses have managed to gain a lot of limelight. Most of the other products and services that Google offers, however, get overshadowed by its search engine.

Here are some useful Google products that you can start using today.

  • Trendalyzer

Instead of the regular boring stats and graphs, with this tool by Google, you’ll be able to create interactive bubble charts that are easy and fun to use.  nationswealthhealth2009

  • Google Keep

The note-taking app that works on iOS and Android allows you to take notes in the form of text, lists, images and even audio. It comes with a reminder service and works on desktops as well.google-keep

  • Google Scholar

In simple terms, it is scholarly literature right at your fingertips.google_scholar_logo-svg

  • Google nGram Viewer

Ideal for armchair historians, the nGram Viewer displays how many times a particular word or phrase has been used between 1500 and 2008 on books that are available on Google’s vast database.screen-shot-2010-12-15-at-10-30-57-pm

  • Google News 

The platform aggregates headlines from news sources around the world and groups them together according to each user’s interests.google-news-updated-with-new-features

  • Google Art Project

It allows one to access high-res images of artworks housed in p1200px-screenshot_google_art_project_manet_wintergartenartner museums of the project. It provides a virtual tour like experience through some of the biggest museums in the art world.

  • Google Fonts

You get to choose from hundreds of free fonts through this service allowing you to use beautiful typography in the virtual world.  google-fonts-redesign

  • Google Sky

Enjoyed Google Earth? If yes, then you’ll love Google Sky. The application allows you to view the stars and galaxies by images sourced from NASA, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Hubble Telescope.unnamed

  • Google Sites

An easy way to build a website from scratch or by using pre-existing templates. Just spend a few hours on this and you’ll have a website that is good to go.new-sites-postpic

  • Google Goggles 

Just snap a picture and Google will handle the rest. If it finds anything related to what you’ve just shot you’ll end up with all the info related to it that Google’s complex algorithms can find for you on the internet. So next time you’re standing in front of a landmark and have no clue about it, just take a photo of it through the app.google-goggles

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