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10 Things We Loved About Matha8 2016

Last weekend, DS team was at the second edition of Matha8, a brilliantly executed art and food event.

Here are ten of our favorite things from Matha8 2016:

1. The balloons at the entrance that made you feel like you were walking under a cloud.

Photo Credits: @matha8.ksa

Photo Credits: @moe_alq

2. This data map by @olyaa_n

Video Credits: @arabbella_blog

3. Meeting Mohammad Al Tamimi again.

3 10 Things We Loved About Matha8 2016

4. THE FOOD, oh the food. Burgers, hotdogs, sushi, cookies, cakes, crepes, ice cream and so much more!

4 10 Things We Loved About Matha8 2016

Photo credit: @myspatula

5. And the COFFEE, oh my God! All the way from Riyadh!

5 10 Things We Loved About Matha8 2016


6. LIVE art shows.

Photo Credits: matha8.2016-snapchat

Photo Credits: matha8.2016-snapchat

7. This amazing Instagram frame!

Photo Credits: snapchat destinationshrq

Photo Credits: snapchat destinationshrq

8. Everything HOMEMADE! Sweets, makeup, jewelry, dolls.

8 matha8.2016-snapchat

9. Our favorite Japanese ice-cream in Sharqiya: LINDO STORE!

9 10 Things We Loved About Matha8 2016

10. The lighting and the lanterns

Photo Credits: @kemoo1

Photo Credits: @kemoo1.jpg

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