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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

10 People You Follow on Social Media

10 People You Follow on Social Media

There are certain social media archetypes that everyone has. Whether you hate them or love them, they collectively make up our social media ecosystem.

The Fashionista

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One of the most common creatures in the social media sphere. They can usually be found plugging/promoting something, and are characterized by their overuse of hashtags.

E.g. You can never go wrong with a @InsertBrandInstagramAccountHere scarf. #Fashion #Brand #Hashtag #ThisIsAJob #SaudiStreetStyle

The Snapchatter


They continuously update us on their eating habits, social interactions and locations they frequent. We are still debating whether their lip syncing videos are a form of musical appreciation.

The SIP (Single-Interest-Poster)

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They dedicate the majority of their online presence to a single obsession. Be it to cars, politics, religion, yoga or even fishing, their dedication is admirable.

The Person-You’re-Not-Quite-Sure-You-Know (PYNQ-SYK)

Screen Shot 1437-10-07 at 1

Whether it’s because of their vague username or lack of personal photos, their identity remains a mystery. The only reason anyone keeps them around is to avoid the chance of an awkward encounter.

The Selfie-Obsessed


Much similar to the SIP, but with a specific obsession: themselves. If you encounter one of them, it’s best to approach from a raised angle and with ample lighting. A subgroup of the Selfie-Obsessed and the PYNQ-SYK is the Chameleon. They have the ability to change their faces in a phenomenon known as “Photoshop Magic.”

The Complainer


They view their screen as their own personal therapist. They divulge information only meant to be shared under the protection of physician–patient privilege.

The Aspiring Photographer


Their posts mostly consist of landscapes, empty spaces, geometric lines and plant life. Other characteristics of this group include their liberal use of filters and aversion to human subjects.

The Quoter

Screen Shot 1437-10-07 at 2

Whether it is an unverified quote on Twitter or an out of focus landscape with white writing, this group is not too shy to flaunt their googling abilities. If you’re not sure you have any, trust us you do. You’re just probably used to scrolling past them.

The My-Life-Is-Better-Than-Yours


These are the last people you want to see in your feed when you’re down. For some reason, they only seem to post when they’re on vacation.

The Comedian

Screen Shot 1437-10-07 at 2

They are the only people you intentionally seek out. They never fail to bring a smile to your face. Their posts are so relatable that their comment section consists largely of people tagging their friends.

Honorable mentions: The Starbuckser (photos of all their personalized Starbucks cups), the I-Like-My-Pets-More-Than-People, the Kid-centric, the Entrepreneur (always selling something), the Instagram Celebrity and the Gym Rat (aka the Look-At-My-Abs).


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