10 Easy Ways To Soup-Up Your Car

If you are tired of the stock look on your car, continue reading further. We have crafted this article especially for you.


The big cities in Saudi have no shortage of car accessory shops, some well-established, some that are relatively new on the scene and are competing with a plethora of similar shops in the area (car accessory shops seem to stick around together). If you’re looking for something, which is difficult to find in your city then you can always log onto eBay and get it shipped. While shopping for accessories for your car, keep in mind that bargaining is a must. Another rule you can keep in mind is that more is not always good. Some tend to go overboard with this and end up with cars that look like they’ve come straight out from a hip-hop music video with vinyl and ‘bling’ accessories all over. Also please don’t change the silencers of the car (unless yours  are damaged), we don’t want an increase in noise pollution – we already have an abundance of it. So without further ado here’s how you can modify/accessorize your car that will definitely remove the stock tag from your car and will speak about you – its owner. seat-1426183-1279x1061

1. Seat Covers

Stock seating doesn’t represent your style at all. This is one thing that’s got to change unless you have leather seats in your car. Choose a color of the interior based on the exterior color of your car. Don’t change the color of the exterior for the interior. The moment you paint over the exterior your car value drops. 1DB42CFC76

2. Rims

I  can’t seem to  digest the fact that people soup-up their car and keep the hubcaps on. Rims should be the first add-on. It will definitely give your car instantly-pleasing aesthetics. MU29JB6MGN

3. Gearshift Knob

Many tend to ignore it, but it’s perhaps the easiest interior accessory to change. This is only recommended for those with stick shifts in their cars. Those with automatic cars can give this a miss. WKV40ATLIY

4. Audio System

Even those who are not car fanatics have gotten rid of their stock audio system, so what’s stopping you? Stock audio systems can make even your favorite show on the radio sound bad. chevrolet-design-details-1-1175408-1279x955

5. Skirts

For those who don’t want to permanently lower their car, they can add a skirt to give the car a sportier look. They can be added on all 4 sides of your car and are detachable; so you can always remove them when you get tired of them. Just be careful on those speed breakers afterwards. Turbocharger

6. Turbocharger

Turbochargers improve the engine’s efficiency by bringing in more air to the combustion chamber. The engine in turn will produce more torque and raw power.

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

7. Sports Belts

They not only look better, but provide more safety as well. A cool accessory for those looking to soup-up their car for less. alloy-close-up-1450403

8. Low-Profile Tires

They do help your car standout, but what many don’t know is that they also help in acceleration. Low-profile tires are different from normal tires as they have smaller space between the outer edge and the rim.

Photo Credit: ebay.co.uk

Photo Credit: ebay.co.uk

9. Air Filters

Replace your standard air filter with a high-flow filter, which will improve your horsepower marginally and make your car more fuel economical. driving-1434211

10. Smaller Steering Wheel

This will give your car a more ergonomic look and will make you feel like you’re a professional race driver while driving. You will also find your car much easier to steer and better to control. Time to soup-up!

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